Get your Snouts in the Trough – It’s the Truffle Festival.

by The Editor

Well,  it’s that time of year again – where those musty, dirty little balls of fanciful fungus appear on the base of trees around the season, only to be hunted out by sharp-nosed pooches for the benefit of our butters, pastas or eggs.

While we will endeavour to cover a few of the events happening in the coming weeks, one of the highlights is Ginger Catering’s annual Truffle Lunch at Old Parliament House.

Here’s the dirt from Ginger Catering’s Kitchen Cabinet website:

A highlight of the Canberra calendar is the spectacular success of local truffières like Sherry McArdle-English, who tells of this season’s experiences in growing and harvesting fine truffles in the Canberra region. Featuring French black truffles in a menu that includes the all-time favourite, our truffled boudin blanc.

Yum!  At $60 we’re already reaching for our wallets and dreaming of a sunny afternoon of fine food and wine.  We have wonderful memories of visiting another Canberra restaurant during the last truffle season and having a generous amounts of the priceless product deposited on our main meals via a parmesan shaver.  Excessive?  Certainly.  Regardless we were more than willing to take full advantage of the season’s bounty.

If you’re interested in joining like-minded Canberra gourmets for the Kitchen Cabinet’s lunch, you can fill out this form or check out their website. We highly recommend you do.

Tres bon!

The Kitchen Cabinet at Old Parliament House
King George Tearrace CANBERRA ACT 2600
P: 6270 8156  F: 6273 4266