The Thursday Tipple – Lerida Estate

by C.A. Bonham

Hello there, 2009 Merlot-Cabernet-Franc! Nice to see you! Although we’ve never met, your siblings Shiraz and Pinot Noir are more than familiar. In fact, they cast such a spell we’ve been dying to see what you were all about.

And yet you remain elusive – despite our trip to the Lerida vineyard and the cellar door. Your people there are fantastic. Great views too, lovely spot…

All this promise, yet such anticipation sometimes cannot me expectations. You leave us a little hurt, Merlot-Cab-Franc. We’re only in the courting stages, and we’re not afraid of commitment. This should be for a good time AND a long time, so you’ll have to forgive us for disecting you a little.

We need to know that you’re ‘the one’, Merlot-Cab-Franc. And from that first promiscuous whiff… doubt creeps in. You’re a little closed on the nose and we hoped you’d open up more over time well, it just didn’t happen.

Don’t get us wrong: you’re a smooth, gentle wine; your tannins are a fine balance – silky yet sticky & grippy. We really liked your oak characteristics, which I understand your are of French and also Hungarian. Very different, very cool… We like you, 09 Merlot-Cab-Franc and want more. But it’s not there. Perhaps it’s the fact you just don’t offer enough fruit.

This is hard to say: You’re very pleasing on the palate, but for $27 a bottle I’d really like a bit… more. I hope you understand.

Maybe next year.