THE THURSDAY TIPPLE: 2010 Pankhurst Cabernet Merlot

by C.A. Bonham


What are we drinking?

This Tipple we are diving back into Cabernet country with the Pankhurst 2010 Cabernet Merlot. We first tried the Pankhurst Cabernet Merlot as a chalkboard special at Pulp Kitchen in Ainslie and it really stood out among other samplings, demanding a bit more attention.  Subsequently, we ventured to their vineyard to sample their wares and spent more time with our new friend.

At the humble little cellar door you’ll be greeted by Sparkling, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and others.  For us, the Cabernet Merlot is still the pick of the bunch.  A 2010 is probably a little young for us when it comes to Cab, but it’s drinking really nicely.  Perhaps its the 30% Merlot smoothing things out, perhaps its the lovely combination of American and French oak, perhaps it’s the smooth tannins and firm, ripe fruit… Whatever it is, it’s making us happy.

As always, don’t judge a wine by its bottle. While the label won’t exactly make it jump off the shelves at you, this is a wine built to drink, and drink, and drink. It’s not difficult, it’s not overly complex, it’s got those smooth tannins and gentle acid that left us gratefully free of ‘Wine Flu’ in the morning.  This is that friend you can drink all night at a modest price (we’ve seen it for $20 retail), so it won’t hurt your bank-balance, either.

Where can I get it?

We’ve since seen the Parkhurst Cabernet Merlot at a number of restaurants in Canberra as well as Dan Murphy’s, First Choice Liquor and of course their cellar door.