Dress Circle – The Best of the Girls – May 2012

by The Editor

It’s been a big month at The Canberran, trawling the city for the fashion forward and flamboyant.  We’ve decided to highlight four from this month’s survey, and would like you to let us know who you think has the edge when it comes to stepping out onto the street.

Did you like Maryanne with her fabulous shawl and fantastic bling?  The gorgeous Phoebe, who charmed us with her vintage hat and camera?  Perhaps the blue flowers through Zoe’s purple hair caught your eye; or the sheer  simplicity of Sophie’s knits that embrace the new season.

So, let’s vote.  You’ve got a week to let us know.  Again, we’ll try to organise something for the winner.  Hopefully a new and/or funky boutique would love a bit of coverage in exchange for a voucher or trinket.  If so, get in touch! editor@thecanberran.com

Download PDF: Dress Circle – The Best of the Girls – May 2012