Found: Coffee Writer – Barrister Barista is on the Case

by The Editor

The Canberran enjoys the finer things in life ­– and coffee should be one of the finest. To keep Canberra’s coffee above the line, we have engaged our very own coffee counsel, Barrister Barista. Hooray!

Check in with The Canberran fortnightly to compare crema, cost and customer service on a case by case basis. In the meantime, check out Barrister Barista’s Coffee Vitae:


My Morning Coffee in Adelaide’s CBD


Cryptic coffee tweets in Canberra @canberracino


And here’s the first dollop of gossip (overheard in the coffee queue):

The royal family of Canberra coffee is expecting another child. Confirmed by Harvest staff on 30 May, when 2-4 National Circuit Barton is finalised this year, the corporati will be queuing for contractor coffs a la Harvest/Tonic/Group 7/Kingston Grind. The building is earmarked for the Attorney-General’s Department, but we’re guessing the beans will bring ‘em in from outside the portfolio. Stay tuned: Barrister Barista will premiere with the first review in a couple of weeks’ time

In the meantime, here are some beans for thought:

What do you think of Canberra’s coffee culture? Is the Canberra Times right that Canberrans are nation’s greatest coffee connoisseurs? Or do you agree with a Crikey commentator that Canberra is where coffee and politics go to die?

Commence your arguments below.

A big welcome to Barrister Barrister – adding an extra shot to The Canberran very soon.