Daniella – One of Our Local ‘Miss World’ Entries

by The Editor


Well, well, well.  When we came across Daniella at the Kingston Bus Depot Markets early in May, there was something about her that gave the impression being in front of the camera was not a new experience.



Following out post last week, and subsequent trail of social media we have discovered Daniella is competing in the People’s Choice competition of Miss World in Australia.  As a competition involved with children’s charities as much as beauty, it’s a great vehicle for raising the profiles of local ladies, their achievements and the charities they represent.

As of Monday 28 May Daniella was in the lead with over 23,000 votes to her name. If she can maintain top spot, entry to the Australian Final of the contest is guaranteed.  You can find all three Canberra girls in the competition here so get busy and start clicking.

Congratulations Daniella, Elanor and Jamie on making it this far, as well as your charity work and other endeavours to date.  Keep up the good work – Canberra is right behind you.