The Thursday Tipple: 2009 Eden Road ‘The Long Road’ Pinot Noir

by The Editor

Pinot is becoming a buzz-word. Much like Merlot in the late 90s, it’s getting a real beat-up which is unfair considering what a gorgeous beast we are dealing with. This is a beautiful varietal that lends itself to many dishes… and does it very well.

The Background
Let’s face it, if you’re going to a friend’s place for dinner and you need a bottle of red then the trusty Pinot Noir should be your go-to. Versatile and delicate; not only will it match up with most meals but also deem you a person of magnificent social standing. “Who brought this Pinot Noir? It’s amazing.”

“Oh that’s me, it was nothing… just something I had hanging around.” If only they knew you’d spent 45 minutes at the bottle-shop, pining over the many amazing options from Central Otago; in angst as to whether should you be more patriotic and explore the Mornington Peninsula, King Valley or Tasmania…

Regardless, you are now that drinker of exquisite Pinot Noir. You have amazing taste. Applause will be your life’s soundtrack, Champagne corks will pop, confetti will fall from the ceiling, legs will open, trousers will drop… Pinot Noir indeed.

The Eden Road
And it surrounds us! Canberra does amazing Pinot. Not a light, dainty Pinot Noir with spice, sweetness and slightly sharp edges. We’re talking a full, round, dark, sexy, gallantly fabulous (yes, ‘fabulous’) Pinot Noir.  At Eden Road, the guys sourced their fruit in 2009 from vineyard in Murrumbatemen in what was a warm and dry year.  Eden Road used 15% whole bunches in the ferment that give the wine bigger, darker fruit qualities; really unleashing how plump and burly Pinot Noir can be from the Canberra region. Holy Carillon, this is fun drinking.

The Verdict
It’s simple. At $21.00 a bottle from the cellar door, this is possibly the best Pinot Noir we’ve had from the Canberra Region. Thank you, Eden Road Wines.

Where can I get it?
Eden Road are EVERYWHERE in the ACT as well as at the Cellar Door in Murrumbatemen.