Paste-ups around town

by The Editor

Update:  Scroll down after the jump to see the progess of the last couple of weeks.

A couple of clever pieces of street art have appeared around the city over the last couple of days.  We particularly liked this one, located in the city above Sour Cherry cafe on City walk – an area known particularly well to Canberra’s parkour enthusiasts.

While this was a simple and witty effort, one piece caught our attention on an early morning sortie for coffee on the Southside…

This Kingston effort is remarkable both for the use of three-dimensional mounts (you can tell by the shadows) and the artists’ knowledge of Le Corbusier.  Clearly dedicated to the cause, a scale drawing of the finished artwork was placed on the wall as the artists worked.  It’s on the right hand side of the shot above, and is shown below in detail.

It appears however, the installation was halted before completion.  Clearly there are elements missing from the final piece, but the presence of brushes only metres away, ready for use and forgotten in a rush lay drying in the cold morning sun.

Well, at least we have the mock-up to see how it would have finally looked.

New images since original post (taken Sunday 3 June 2012)