The Thursday Tipple: 2008 Surveyor’s Hill Cabernets

by The Editor


Yes, you can call it Cabernet.

Like Cab Sav you ask? No, you’re a Canberran… you say Cabernet. If you came from Q Town, perhaps you may say Cab-Sav… but you don’t, so you don’t. Understand, my Canberran friend? Excellent. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Now good sirs & fine ladies allow me to talk to you about Canberra Cabernet. It’s not easy. We may be many wonderful things but a Cabernet region we are not. Cabernet is rough, tough… it’s gritty, it’s seen hard times, it’s not interested in your pansy little poo-poo problems, it would beat you in an arm-wrestle and it probably started shaving before you. When I think of Cabernet, I think of vikings chugging it down in goblets and eating pieces of animal off the bone. That being said, I love it and what it’s all about.

Surveyors Hill are are flying the flag and putting out some nice Cabernet, however much like the distinctive, lighter-body Shiraz that our region produces, the Canberra Cabernet is also a prettier more floral version from it’s viking-wine family. The nose is light, earthy and floral, yet the palate gives you traditional Cabernet tannins and mouthfeel. Dry and grippy on the palate, it’s screaming out for pulled pork or roast lamb. This gives way to dark fruit, light spice and savoury tomato vine characteristics.

It’s not exactly fit for a viking, being at the more refined & delicate end of the Cabernet spectrum… but it still does a damn good job and you’ll find it one of the better Cabs from our fine region.

Where can I get it?
At this stage, the only place we’ve seen the Surveyors Hill Cabernet in Canberra is at their cellar door. Check out their website for more information.