Thursday Evening – Cocktails and the ‘Yarts’

by The Editor

Well, it appears to be impossible to have a quiet Thursday night in Canberra, despite the inclement weather.  Tonight there is all manner of activity around Canberra’s finer drinking establishments, whether you’re interested in stimulating your mind and your palate.  The only question is, “Where?”

Let’s start with Knightsbridge Penthouse, a veteran of the art-meets-drinking event.  Tonight is the quarterly Wobble party, an art & design spectacular hosted by Wobble curator Jennifer Edwards.  Wobble plays host to a broad range of artists involved in sculpture, photography, drawing, industrial design and pretty much every medium or form of expression you can imagine.  Wobble has been appearing at Knighty for almost two years, so you can be assured of that wonderful mix of quality and experience.

Typically a Wobble event involves not only artworks, but also creativity from the other side of the bar with libations more than capable of assisting your quest to wax lyrical about the evening’s artworks.  The addition of a DJ only heightens the sense of collaboration.  You can catch the latest edition at Knighty from 8.00pm.

Down in the Melbourne Building, Soju Girl is also in on the art-meets-bar theme with ‘Title Show’ the third exhibition to open in a venue that is perfectly suited to exhibiting artworks.  On the large wall under high ceilings, Thursday’s event will feature works by Dai Cameron & Marcus Jan Csomor.  Dai designed the street art pieces located within Soju Girl, however tomorrow’s event is touted as an exhibition ‘SuperFlat pieces which exude an air of 3D depth’.  We’re not sure how that differentiates from any other drawing or photograph, but will assume the (martini) glass is half full.

Pushing further into the west side, the newly opened ’39 Steps’ bar at the old Marinetti’s site in O’Connor is hosting another art related event.  Daddy Issues presents Thursday Issues – the first of what is promised to be many art events at O’Connor’s latest bar.  The feel is more ‘live music’ with local acts ‘Bruges’ and ‘Elisha Bones’ although a DJ will fill between sets.  Beers are $5.00 or you can grab a jug of sangria for $20.00.  It all takes place from 6.30pm.

So there you have it.  Don’t decide to stay at home whining about the weather – instead wonder whether you should decide on a wine.  Besides, think of all those starving, sober artists.

Happy Thursday!