ANZAC Day – Honkytonks Taco Fiesta

by The Editor

Look, to be honest it struck us as a little curious that such an event is set to occur on ANZAC Day, but if you’ve had enough of blowing your dough at the local club’s Two-up event, or are looking for an escape form uber nationalists with the Australian flags, Honkytonks is offering a rather interesting alternative.

It’s a Taco Fiesta at the Garema Place venue. Yep, Taco Fiesta. Since opening late last year, Honkytonks’ tacos have created as much excitiement as they have confusion. Many have smiled at the idea of having such a snack available, while “Why tacos?” is a question many of us have pondered as we plow through another jug of sangria.

Regardless of the reason, we can only admire the thoroughness of Honkytonks’ dedication to their feature meal. On Wednesday night you can try the new Taco Menu to be a feature of the bar for the remainder of this year (and beyond). The event runs from 7.00pm – 9.00pm and promises some of the most exotic chillis you are likely to try in one place. Muy bien!


17 Garema Place

(02) 6262 6968