The Weekend: Cheese Expertise at Old Parliament House

by The Editor

We love cheese. Pure and simple. So much so, we even went to the effort to make what was the most delicious toasted cheese sandwich we’re ever likely to try. Still, there’s no need for imported gruyeres and brie to set up a decent cheese platter – why not look to some of the local producers?

If you’ve spent Saturday wandering the Canberra Wine Harvest Festival, you could do worse to discover which regional cheeses match your newly acquired bottle of Riesling or Pinot Noir. Fortunately, in one of their Sunday afternoon indulgences now synonymous with Ginger Catering, there’s a great opportunity to educate your palate in the way of fromage. Here’s an excerpt from their newsletter:

Cheese Expertise Sunday 15 April – 12:00 pm
A fascinating guide to all the cheeses of our region, including Small Cow Farm, Thistledown, Hobbit Farm and Country Valley Organic Dairy

While The Kitchen Cabinet’s website offers little more detail than this, previous themed events conducted at the venue suggest this will be of an equally high standard providing excellent value for money. You can download a registration form here or call The Kitchen Cabinet directly for more information.

The Kitchen Cabinet at Old Parliament House – Now at the Front Entrance
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