Dress Circle – Wallace

by The Editor

When searching for Canberra’s most fashion-forward residents, it’s usually us that does the chasing. Traditions were turned on their head last week though, when while strolling through the Canberra Centre, our attention was attracted by a most excitable fellow…

Wallace stopped us in the middle of the Canberra Centre holding a disposable camera. “Beautiful lady, can you please take my picture?” He said he needed a photo, looking fresh in the mall, for the album that he’d just finished recording. Wallace needed something to go in the CD sleeve.

The man was exuberant. “I need a full length AND a close up, and don’t forget to wind the roll!”

Well, didn’t we have a little surprise for him! We wanted to take his picture anyway, having spied his amazing outfit from 30 metres away.

Download: Wallace – Fashion Circle PDF