Rumours: Big Moves at Lonsdale Street Roasters

by The Editor

Exactly how long does it take to build a Canberra institution?  A decade (The Phoenix)?  Four years (Brodburger)?  Eighteen months?

If you were rather surprised to discover Lonsdale Street Roasters had been part of the Northside coffee-set for less than two years you’re not on your own.

When chatting with Alan Smith last week, we were thrilled to hear his venture has done so well.  As one of the first to bring in-house roasting to Canberra, the timing for opening a venue of its type in semi-industrial Braddon added a sophisticated (if self-conscious) aspect to what is a busy little hospitality and retail scene.

Now with table space at an increasing premium, and the roaster under increased pressure due to the amount of outlets around town buying Lonsdale’s product wholesale, there is a need for extra space.  So, where does such a dearly loved venue go if not on Lonsdale?

Nowhere.  You stay on Lonsdale.

In a space up the road in one of the few structures not earmarked for development, Al is taking the roasting machine and the Lonsdale feel to another venue that will allow for more space within the existing premises and spreading out just up the road (across from Debacle).  We’re not too sure as to what else the venue will hold in order to replicate the original space without directly competing, but we figure that (for now) there’ll be a whole lot more roasting  in order to satisfy Canberra’s growing demand for the product of this, the newest of our local institutions.