Brodburger Is Back – Updated

by The Editor

Updated: We decided to head over to Brodburger around 7.00pm in order to beat the big dinner rush. It seems recent publicity around the re-opening of Canberra’s favourite burger joint meant we weren’t the only people interested.

7.15pm Looks like sales are going pretty well! Sixty people in the queue and around the same amount at tables.


8.10pm. We’ve made it through the front doors! A steady stream of burgers flow in the opposite direction towards a sea of ravenous eyes. There’s definitely a buzz around the place, and no-one seems too concerned about the length of the queue. As always for Brodburger customers, we’re all in this together.

8.39pm. After dealing with a pair of space cadets who somehow had failed to decide on what to eat over the previous 90 minutes, co-owner Joelle Bou-Jaoude and her sister Josie take our order. Joelle dosen”t know whether to laugh or cry – apparently it’s been like this since lunchtime. We retreat to the dining area with slightly sore legs.

8.55pm. There’s still a queue out the door, however Brodburger has run out of food. Jeolle takes their names and contact details are taken with the promise of some special treatment in the near future. Nice move!

Meanwhile, the waitresses are entertaining the customers. In the last ten minutes one has made her gold ring disappear and reappear, while Josie showed us she could lick her elbow. We certainly can’t criticise the impromptu entertainment. Joelle offers us some free drinks. Dinner, drinks and a show. Who would have thought?

9.36pm. 2 hours and 23 minutes after arriving, the behemoth known as the BrodDeluxe is in front of me.

The BrodDeluxe

Taking a bite it’s as good, if not better, than the caravan’s product. Even the bread is a highlight.

9.48pm. The meat sweats kick in, and I feel a food coma is not far away. Joelle asks if I’m happy, but her voice is barely an echo as my vision narrows to a tunnel. Damn, this is a tasty burger.

9.58pm. I’m out. I’ve already walked two laps of the dining area to make more room, but sadly I can eat no more of what I have missed for three months and craved for the last three hours. We thank all the staff and head out into the night.


Those who love Brodburger are used to a wait, but never three months. Finally, after petitions, numerous rumours and a deep concern the Inner South’s favourite little caravan may disappear for ever, today (March 27 2012) sees the rebirth of Brodburger at its new home at Canberra Glassworks. Hurrah!

We’ve had an in depth look at their burgers before, but with the launch of a new venue the main topic of conversation will be around whether Brodburger can maintain the sense of charm that surrounded the little red caravan down near the lake.

On approach, the venue is stunning departure from the Brodburger of old. The caravan now acts as a beacon for the new outlet, maintaining a silent vigil out on Canberra Avenue. Walking around the side of the Glassworks towards the lake, the clean facade is revealed with large panes of glass and a simplfied logo. Inside, heavy wooden tables rest on a polished concrete floor. It’s elegantly simple, allowing the focus to remain on the food that has attracted swarms of customers since for the last four years.

An open and airy fitout links the the original site with the new location. Parts of the old power station are incorporated in the strucutre, with the round brick window acting as a portal throught to the kitchen. in the narrowest part of the structure, a number of old newspaper clippings decorate the walls, as well as part of the petition signed by 10,000 Canberrans and visitors to keep the Caravan in its old spot at Bowen Park.

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On our arrival, staff were busy putting the finishing touches as a group of diehards, who clearly treat Brodburgers the way geeks treat new iPads, queued patiently at the door. As sense of camaraderie had already developed – something the mingling throngs at Bowen Park counted as essential to the experience as the burgers themselves.

There are a couple of new additions to the menu now that breakfast is on offer, but the feel remains largely the same. The early morning punters were securing coffee and breakfast burgers. See below for the new breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. We were lucky enough to encounter Alan Smith, owner of Lonsdale Street Roasters behind the espresso machine, perfectly preparing his own brew for the early risers (The LSR empire is about to grow, but more about that soon…)

We’ll be back in a week or so to road test the new menu. Until then, we thank owners Sascha Brodbeck and Joelle Bou-Jaoude for their tenacity and dedication, and wish them all the best for the new venue.


Canberra Glassworks (Lake side)

Phone: (TBC)

Tues- Wed: 7.00am to 10.00pm

Thurs – Sat: 7.00am to 12.00am

Sun: 7.00am to 4.00pm.

Download Brodburger Breakfast Menu (PDF)

Download Brodburger Breakfast Menu (PDF)