Canberra Balloon Festival

by The Editor

To be honest, the Canberra Balloon Festival has always been an event that occurred while we were hitting the ‘Snooze’ button for the third time, lamenting through bleary eyes ‘that it seems just a little bit darker than this time yesterday’.

A shame really, as this in one of the more spectacular events around town, regardless of whether you are floating above the city, or merely on the ground watching as the balloons drift quietly by.

This morning around twenty balloons made their way from launching areas stretching from the wetlands the Federation Square.  A multitude of keen Canberra snappers lined the northern foreshore of the lake, while walkers, joggers and cyclists interrupted their morning rituals for a quick photo from a smartphone.

We’ll post some details later today of how you can get yourself in for a dawn ride.  In the meantime here are some of our efforts from earlier today. If you have any you’d like to share, send them through to and we’ll make sure you’re credited underneath.

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Update:  Many thanks to Martin Ollman, who provided us with this fantastic shot from underneath one of the balloons on Saturday morning.  For other great shots (including Enighten Canberra) check out Martin’s Flickr page.