Rant: The Good, the Bad and the Unintelligent in Garema Place

by The Editor

So, Poet’s Corner – the latest set of sculptures to grace Garema Place – makes for a wonderful mix of the old (traditional sculpture) with a dash of the new (A signpost alerting people to the space beyond) that celebrates three poets intrinsically tied to the ACT region. As announced by CBD Canberra:

We attended the launch of Poet’s Corner in Garema Place this morning. Three seperate sculptures celebrate the lives and achievements of AD Hope, David Campbell and Judith Wright. The installation features bronze busts of each of these significant Australian poets who have a strong connection to Canberra and our region. The artwork was commissioned by Arts ACT in response to public lobbying for the project.

We love this little adddition to the sculptured dogs, sheep and fat businessmen that populate the area. What we can’t stand is the ongoing presence of a strange board that keeps appearing around the city centre…

Here it is:


Now, we have no idea who is responsible for this piece of pseudo-intellectual garbage, but if it’s you, stop it now. Right now. The fact this shit is stacked up alongside a tribute to some of the region’s leading thinkers is an utterly piss-poor attempt at relevance-by-association. We’ve seen this Year 12 art class C grade bullshit leaning up in various alleyways over the last week. The fact nobody has stolen it speaks volumes.

Whoever you are, you’re not Banksy. Hell, you’re not even Ed-fucking-Hardy.

Go back to your bedroom, smoke some more weed and never leave the house. You’d do us all a favour.

(Readers, if happen you spot thing around the city, snap a photo and send it in the edtor@thecanberran.com. We’ll add it to our ‘gallery’)

Update: here’s another example spotted late night in Kingston’s Green Square