Rumours – What’s Happening in Garema Place?

by The Editor

Garema Place has undergone a mini-revolution of sorts over recents months.  Thearrival of Honkytonks brought back punters to the ground floor of the piazza, supporting long-term quality upstairs at Hippo Bar.  Even more exciting has been the appearance of hoardings further down the way, proclaiming in bright spraypaint.  OPENING SOON!

Well, not so soon, it seems.  Our spies took this pic about a month ago through the age old technique of shoving an iPhone up against the keyhole.  As you can see, things were certainly happening within the mystery space.

Having returned to check it out today, it appears things have moved along, but not to the point of completion.  While a wall has appeared at the front of the venue, allowing for a view all the way down to the toilet on the left, it seems final finishes are a little way away.

So, what is happening?  If you happen to know, or even want to indulge in rampant speculation, give us your best in the comments below…