Coming Soon – Enlighten Festival

by The Editor

It seems Visit Canberra continues to innovate, with the second edition of Enlighten Festival.

Last year’s event was a bit of a gamble, boldly stepping forth with a reasonably loose collection of ideas centred around the idea of illuminate building in and around the Parliamentary Triangle.  This year, the concept appears significantly more refined, more sure-footed, showing the organisers are keen not to rest on the success of the previous event.

This year, rather than relying on international guests to validate the festival in a way similar to the Logies, home grown stars are pushed to the fore.  Clare Bowditch headlines this year’s concert, and a reformed version of The Clouds will provide a retro (if not awkward) counterpoint to Ms Bowditch’s delicate refrains.  But there is so much more to Enlighten than simply a concert…

Learn about booze at Questacon!  Take in a comedy show at the Museum of Australian Democracy (Old Parliament House)!  Listen to a Beethoven piano recital at the National Library, or  a Lyonnaise feast hosted by Sage Restaurant at a secret location.  There’s sooo much to this festival, and certainly something for everyone.  The full programme is available here.  We’re certainly looking forward to an event which has all the potential and momentum to be a highlight on Canberra’s annual calendar.