New Acton Precinct Presents: ‘Please Resist Me’ Poetry Slam Tour

by The Editor

While we’re more for a martini and some Mahler, that doesn’t mean or eyes are closed to other forms of indulgence and expression that pump through the veins of our fair city.

In fact, a large amount of credit should be attributed the New Acton Precinct, the site of a remarkable renaissance for a previously neglected part of Canberra. Although the splendour of The apARTments or Nishi may be out of the reach of many of us, there can be no denying the dedication of the precinct management team when it comes to bringing arts and entertainment to the area which is representative of all Canberrans.

In keeping with these efforts, on Wednesday 22 February New Acton hosts the ‘Please Resist Me’ Poetry Slam tour.  Poetry Slam?  Confused?  Check out the clip below to see the edgy, political style in which the rhymes are delivered:

It’s all so very ‘now’, and we like that.  $15 full price and $12 for concessions. Rock on down to the New Acton Courtyard next Tuesday for the gig.  If Slam Poetry is your thing  and you want to sharpen your skills, the artists are hosting a writer’s workshop on the night before.  For further details check out the event’s Facebook Page.