Trisensa: Oriental Luxury Spa

by The Editor

As mentioned in the Kingston Rumours Roundup, we first visited Trisensa only a week after it opened, initially drawn by the minimal fit-out first spied a few weeks before. With a simple wooden back wall, selective lighting and similarly plain desk, we were rather thrilled at the elegant simplicity of the space.

On a Sunday afternoon at the end of their first week of trading, the small reception area had softened with the addition of some orchids in pots as well as three humans, all smiling and ready to welcome the first of the customers. A feeling of warmth had arrived, so necessary in a place where relaxation is the primary product for sale.

We were intrigued by what the point of difference would be, especially given the number of day-spas in the area. “Well,” stated one of the attendees, “We’re trying to achieve an Asian-Hungarian feel.” An Asian-Hungarian feel… those words just seemed to hang in the air between us…

This was something we would definitely have to check out.

The Story

As it turns out, Trisensa does indeed offer an Asian-Hungarian experience. The Asian aspect, as you may have guessed, comes from the Thai ‘Traditional’ massage, the ‘Signature’ (relaxation) massage combining European and Thai techniques, and a ‘Sports/Remedial’ massage for the over-exerted.

And the Hungarian feel? Delivered by the choice of products used by Trisensa. Eminence organic oils and balms originate from the Eastern European republic, and are presented in beautiful wooden packaging. A number of products, both used in the treatments and designed for use at home, are available for purchase.

On offer also is a Foot Spa. Being the intrepid researchers we are, we decided on a 30min foot spa as well as a ‘Signature’ of the same duration. Indulgence is a wonderful thing.

The Foot Spa

Almost fully reclined in a large armchair in near darkness, the masseuse goes to work on my feet. The bowl on the floor is filled with warm water, flower petals, Eminence Mimosa and Champagne Massage Oil and my feet (needless to say which was the most impure of those elements).

Beginning with a scrub, my feet were rubbed, massaged, pressured and slapped into a state of oblivion. It’s amazing what fifteen-minute of attention can do to rejuvenate a foot. By the time both were done I was completely blissed out, and extracting myself from the large seat was much more of an effort than getting in. I had to get moving though, every minute in the chair meant one minute less for my ‘Signature’ massage. The choice wasn’t a difficult one.

The Massage

The room was the same, right down to the pan-pipe music, except with a single high table as one might expect at any European style massage (dissimilar entirely to the on-the-floor style of traditional Thai) replacing the large chairs. A quick discussion with the masseuse decided the best areas to concentrate on would be my shoulders and back. Removing my top I lay face down on the table and waited for it to begin.

The most striking difference between this massage and others I have had over the years is the quality of the Eminence apricot oil used throughout; at no time did the masseuse lose any fluidity. Quite the opposite: the massage never felt greasy. Even at the final once-over with the towel to make sure the oil was removed to an extent that clothing could be reapplied, the feeling was the same.

The ‘Signature’ is certainly a remarkable example of the Asian European fusion Triesensa is trying to achieve. At times, the masseuse climbed spider-like over the table, attacking various areas silently and with what seemed like extreme prejudice. Then, without losing any rhythm the technique assumed the repetitious nature of the Western style. These thoughts ran through my head on more than one occasion, before being driven away by the targeting of another knot on another muscle I’m sure never previously existed. It was exquisite.

The End

When all was done, I found myself in that wonderful post-massage haze in the dim corridor outside the massage rooms. As I recovered from the sweet punishment administered only minutes before, I could see three rooms containing single massage tables/beds as well as one room for two. It must be wonderful to hear the stifled screams of your beloved only seconds prior to succumbing to an onslaught all of your own. It’s a unique idea that can only serve to create more forgiving relationships.

The Deal!

Until Valentine’s Day, Trisensa are offering 2-for-1 on all massages booked. Outside of that, as an opening special, there is 15% off all treatments and retail products until 29 February 2012 (as well as no Sunday surcharge).

The Details

Trisensa Luxury Oriental Spa

3/27 Kennedy St

Kingston 2604

02 6161 3918

Open 7 days – 10.00am to 10.00pm