Rant – Signage

by The Editor

Yes, I know.  We’ve been down this road before.  Still, in an overly bureaucratic city as this one, it’s hard not to be amused /frustrated by the incredible amount of signage informing us to the rules that govern almost every aspect of our civic experience.

If the ‘PARK IN BAYS ONLY’ signs at public carparks were silly enough, this one (sighted on the Southside not far from the Parlaimentary triangle) raises the bar to a new level.

Admittedly, that photo makes it a bit hard to read.  I mean, with all that broad open space, trees and meandering paths in the shot it’s a bit difficult to make out the statement this important sign is trying to express.   Here’s a detail:

Brilliant.  What a useful piece of information.  In fact, this is a lovely piece of open urban space, except of course for the bloody great blue sign rammed in the middle of it.  I’m actually terrified to know anything about the series of meetings, discussions and committees that led in placing that sign on a hectatre of land.

(Okay… I’m done.)