A Rollerskating Jam Named “Skate in the City”

by The Editor

Remember how excited we all were when an ice-skating rink suddenly appeared in Garema Place at the beginning of last winter? The Canberrran certainly has fond memories of repeatedly landing arse-first on the sludge created by the constant churning of the ice thanks to the enormous success of this inspired event.

Well, In the City Canberra is at it again with the perfect alternative for summer – rollerskating. It’s the perfect weather for singlet tops and hotpants or skirts – items of clothing that celebrate the freedom of breezily rolling from Point-A to Point-Wherever without a care in the world.

The line-up of activities associate with this event is as well thought through as those in winter. There will be screenings of 70s and 80s rollerskating movies (Xanadu, You Can’t Stop the Music etc). There is a VIP tent which can hold up to twenty people and is a bargain at $75 for two hours rental. The Canberra Roller Derby League is holding a demo with a skating skills session immediately after, and there are a couple of Roller Discos as well.

Brilliant! What more could you want from a month-long skate event? Well, there’s lots more (including general sessions where you can skate around and fall over without the help of other distractions), and all the details and prices can be downloaded from the official website. So what are you waiting for? Have a look at the set-up. They’ve even got fans blowing chilled air lest you perspire in an effort to pull off that perfect double-axel. It’s fantastic!

Need more inspiration? Well, as you organise those perfectly symmetrical pigtails and search out some knee-high socks get your groove on to some old-skool hip-hop courtesy of De La Soul.