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Zoo Advertising’s ‘Yule Never Guess’

by The Editor

If you feel anything like we do, it’s a little difficult to get up to speed this early in January.  Fortunately for us (and like-minded procrastinators) Zoo Advertising in Kingston have developed a lovely little online game guaranteed to bring you at least ten minutes closer to knock-off time.

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by The Editor

Awww… Look what summer did:


(spotted on City Walk)

A Rollerskating Jam Named “Skate in the City”

by The Editor

Remember how excited we all were when an ice-skating rink suddenly appeared in Garema Place at the beginning of last winter? The Canberrran certainly has fond memories of repeatedly landing arse-first on the sludge created by the constant churning of the ice thanks to the enormous success of this inspired event.

Well, In the City Canberra is at it again with the perfect alternative for summer – rollerskating. It’s the perfect weather for singlet tops and hotpants or skirts – items of clothing that celebrate the freedom of breezily rolling from Point-A to Point-Wherever without a care in the world.

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