Public Service Announcement: New Year’s Eve in Canberra

by The Editor

Sudden change of plan for Saturday night?  Have you decided not to attend that dinner party likely to be populated by wowsers?  The Canberran has done a quick check of this fair city’s better venues.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, a number of popular spots are closed to celebrations.  Ten year’s ago, Trinity was among the first to decide to shut their doors on what had traditionally been one of the biggest nights of the year.  Now many of the more boutique venues in town have followed suit.

Even Public, the current darling of the Inner South has shut it’s doors for a couple of nights in keeping with their stated aim to keep away from drunken, late night revelry.  In fact, it seems mainly dance venues are throwing their doors to watch the year tick over.  It’s worth noting Trinity has come full circle, and will be open this evening.

Listed below is  a collection of venues that have confirmed they will be shut for New Year’s Eve.

If you’re keen to grab your dancing shoes and see the New Year in with style, three of the best options are listed below.

Trinity Bar offers up Canberra’s own Triple J darlings the Aston Shuffle.  looks like a great night, with friends and fans alike cramming around the massive bar to dance in 2012.  Tickets are $20 at the door (prior ro 10pm).

How often is the pedestrian crossing between T&G and Academy repainted?  Surely it’s the busiest three metres of bitumen in all of Canberra.  To keep the traffic up, Tongue and Groove are hosting a celebration of specials, with everything from steak to champers at Boxing Day sale prices.  Looks like a good dinner and show and, judging by their promo material, entry is free of charge.

As usual, it’s full speed ahead downstairs on Academy.  Apparently there is a superhero theme, so put your undies on the outide if you dare.  Tickets are $15 +BF and are available here.

So, there you go.  Given how quiet the city streets have been over the last few days, it’s hardly surprising so few venues are opening tonight.  It’s a classic ‘Catch-22’ situation, and if more people stayed in Canberra more options would become available.  Perhaps if we spend 2012 getting behind local venues Ringing in 2013 will offer more variety for Canberrans.  Now, that’s a resolution we can all get behind.

Happy New Year!.