12 Days of Christmas: The Portrait Gallery Store

by The Editor

Do you miss the good ol’ locally owned bookstore?  Do you look at an eBook version of a Twilight or Dan Brown novel and think to yourself, “There’s more to reading than this?”  Of course you do!  In fact, that’s why you’re here, trawling through this sneering blog.  You deserve better than vampires delivered to your eyeballs in a series of ones and zeroes.

But in the post Angus & Robertson and Borders world, your options look pretty limited.

Thankfully, we Canberrans (not to mention the swarms of visitors leaving the Renaissance exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia over the coming months) have a lifesaver in the form of the Portrait Gallery Store on King Edward Terrace.  Neatly stashed away in the National Portrait Gallery, owner Richard Baz has taken his designer’s eye, matched it to his common touch and delivered a shop filled with fine literature, art and cooking books; as well as a smattering of small designer 3D pieces that reward to avid browser who spends time combing the shelves.

We could have sepent a week’s wages without even thinking about it, but decided to restrain ourselves with Heston Blumenthal’s latest book, which will no doubt make for an interesting Christmas lunch and is available from the Portrait Gallery Store’s website.  However, to order online would only deny you the opportunity to wander the store’s elegant layout and discover all those books you wish you had time to read.

To us, that is the appeal of this bookshop.  It isn’t overwhelming in size, the range is of a particualry high standard and the staff are interested, amicable and engaged. We should be both grateful and supportive of such ventures, lest this species dissappears forever.

Portrait Gallery Store

National Portrait Gallery

King Edward Terrace

Parkes ACT 2600

02 6102 7170