The Weekend: Foreshore

by The Editor

If there is one sure way to tell warmer days are here is the arrival of music festivals. Over the last four years, Canberra’s own celebration of summer is Foreshore has grown to be tue highlight of the local scene. This Saturday the fifth edition of this highly successful event launches on the lawns of Old Parliament House (God only knows what the Tent Embassy makes of it all!)

If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to head along this weekend, check out the line-up. This year the gig suits an even broader audience than previously, with the likes of Armin van Buren, LMFAO, Gotye, Boy and Bear along with Salt ‘n’ pepa (just to name a few. Suely that’s got you over the line, so take the plunge and grab yourself one of the remaining tickets here for $104.90 (plus booking fee).

Looking at the weather forecast, showers are predicted on Saturday. If you were one of those who attended the original Foreshore event down at Commonwealth Place in 2007, you would know there is no party like a rainsoaked party. Throw your phone in a snaplock bag, tie your hair back and throw on some clothes that you’ll never need again. I mean, look at these punters? Do they look like they’re having a bad time?