To do: Ride the Carousel

by The Editor

image: (Victor Hugo)

Still suffering a hangover from the Spring Carnival? Looking for another reason to frock up with a hat? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to ‘get back on the horse’.

Now, be honest…. who hasn’t walked past the Carousel in Garema Place and thought to themselves; “If only I had a good reason…” Well, the good news is: you do. The Canberran has gained word that this Friday (11/11/11) at 1.00pm, plans are afoot for a spontaneous ride on the city’s most loved landmark.

It will only cost you a couple of bucks, so grab the fascinator or throw on a tie and head on down to start the weekend in truly great fashion. We guarantee you’ll be very pleased that you did and will spend most of the weekend saying to friends, “Hey, do you know what I did on Friday?”

Trust us… they’ll envy you.

Click here for details. Giddy up!