The Weekend: Varsity Roller Disco

by The Editor

The Canberran is rather large fan of the Canberra Roller Derby League, prominent around town thanks to great promotion, amazing events and a striking logo featuring the letters CDRL with a set of knuckle-dusters. Take our word for it – a CRDL ‘out’ is without doubt an amazing spectacle (go the Surly Griffins!). It’s been fabulous to watch the CDRL grow over the last couple of years to the point where guaranteeing oneself a ticket requires advanced planning and a clear diary.

Now there is a new kid on the block: The Varsity Derby League…

And so it is, off the back the pioneering CRDL it seems the local market has grown large enough to cater for a second league. Coming out of the ANU, the Varsity Roller Derby is set to start off in their rough and tumble, elbows and hips world of derby with a roller disco this Saturday night. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

(For those loyal to the CRDL, we can appreciate some concerns over the arrival of a new competition on your doorstep. However, let’s put it a more positive frame. In years to come we may even see some Roller Derby version of the State of Origin! Let’s face it – if there is room in this world for Coke & Pepsi, Julia & Kevin and vodka & gin, surely we can open our hearts to more ladies on eight wheels.)

Initiatives such as roller derby make us boastful of being from this great city. Don your skates, grab some hotpants, fishnet stockings, a helmet and some knee/elbowpads and get on down. Certainly this will be one of the more fun nights of the year. All we wish for is both the CRDL and the new Varsity Derby League grow bigger and bigger in this town. In this spirit, The Canberran salutes all those involved.

So, people… what are you doing? Get out there and dance!