Just in: Dog Sculptures

by The Editor

Garema Place has been the centre of activity over the last couple of weeks as workers behind chicken wire fences have taken to ripping up pavers and angle-grinding their high-visibility-safety-wear-covered hearts out.  As a result, there are three new sculptures in the city, residing in a space roughly equidistant between the Carousel and the Chessboard.

They’re a wonderfully playful addition to the city’s major walkway.  Approaching the dogs from head-on, the clever placement of the sculptures means they weave their way between a few of the trees scattered on the same side of Citywalk.

I’m not sure of their actual context (do they need one?), but perhaps they are stalking Ainslie’s Sheep.  If so, those photographing the city’s favourite sculptures might need to watch their back.

  The Icarus Men have established their strange selves to the point of developing a nice green patina, and the Fat Stairmen appear to be an endangered species.  Let’s hope they all make the new residents feel welcome and throw the dogs a bone every now and then.