Rant: Traffic Spam

by The Editor

Princess Leia slave costume bikini 1.jpg

Talking to our friends at www.daveandjames.com a fascinating fact was revealed. Placing certain content on their site resulted in a huge surge in traffic they weren’t really expecting.

This isn’t really surprising given Google’s power to direct people from all over the world, but given its a Sunday and The Canberran has little else to report, let’s do a little experiment…

Assuming the average Sunday traffic for TheCanberran.com is ‘x‘ we are interested to see what happens if we post a couple of related pictures and say the magic words PRINCESS LEIA IN A SLAVE BIKINI COSTUME.

Princess Leia slave costume bikini 2

That’s it. Nothing more to say on the matter. We’ll report back tomorrow with the result of  a world filled with horny Star Wars freaks colliding with that of a snobby citizen from the National Capital. Stay tuned!

Princess Leia slave costume bikini 3.jpg