Rant: Architecture – Sky Plaza Tower

by The Editor

On a recent trip to Woden, the Canberran was reminded of the unspeakable vulgarity of Sky Plaza Tower.  It had been long enough for the image of this monstrosity to recede into the realm of hazy memory, but once it reappeared to offend my sensibilities, the horrors came screaming back.

Built in the early 1950s*, this twenty story monument to the merits of vertical prefabbing has all the aesthetic appeal of a Formule 1 Hotel.

It would seem that if you lived in Woden, the best place to live would in fact be Sky Plaza.  Looking out the window in one of the upper floors must be the only place between Yarralumla and Erindale you can’t see the fucking thing.

YES,I KNOW I’M TYPING ANGRY!!!  But that’s what this building does to me.  When the revolution comes, the architect, builders, interior designers and exterior painters associated with this Lego-fest will be unceremoniously round up and shot.  After they’re exterminated and the bodies disposed, we’ll move on to those responsible for this:

For those unfamiliar with oversized, overstated monuments to the physical characteristics of concrete, the dwelling in the photo is Mrs Liangis’ homage to the Parthenon, right-angles and wedding cakes situated at the entrance to O’Malley.

When you look at the photo, it’s striking how similar the paint job is to that of Sky Plaza.  It’s a scientific fact** these buildings are both of such colossal scale and colour they affect weather patterns and bird migrations around Swinger Hill.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it was possible to see the upper floors of Sky Plaza from the balcony over the entry of Mrs Liangis’ joint – unless of course those columns impede the view.

Screw ’em.  They deserve each other, and to suffer for crimes against good taste (and Walter Burley Griffin).

*Not really.

**Not really either.