Rant: Bad Fashion

by The Editor

The Canberran’s mother always said “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” She wasn’t the only mother to say such things, but we can all be accused of forgetting such a simple mantra – especially on a Sunday morning after an evening spent testing gin-soaked olives.

Now, speaking of mothers, I can’t imagine how time-poor you can be looking after a new-born. It must be difficult to indulge yourselfto get ready for a trip to the markets. Still, I’m not sure dressing like your husband’s twin sister is quite the solution.

Whoops. Sorry Mum.

Clearly I’m a bit of a snob, but if I wasn’t, would I run around rating other people’s martinis? Probably not. But rather than me casting further comment on an unsuspecting family, it’s over to you readers:

In my honest opinion, getting about in public with the mother of your child wearing a t-shirt featuring a bride and groom with the words GAME OVER is ____________, ignoring the fact some people should be lucky to get ____________ , if only once in their lives. Still, maybe pink nylon and animal fur are actually a perfect ____________. Perhaps it’s a ____________ her camouflage pants are hidden behind the pram she’s pushing.

My God! You people should be ashamed of yourselves!