Rant: Steve Jobs

by The Editor

The Canberran has today been asked numerous times to interpret the passing (death?) of Steve Jobs.  Those who know me do, at different times, marvel, laugh and appreciate my love of aesthetics and, within that frame, the multitude of iProducts that surround me.  It’s fair.  Apple makes beautiful things…. and I as one among millions gladly buy them.

So, how does one feel following the death of someone who has been a part of one’s life for so many years?   The same as one feels at the death of Amy Winehouse, I guess, or Patrick Swayze…  or perhaps Pope John Paul II if he was your guy.  Whoever it is, there comes a time in or lives, be it via royalty or rockstar, where someone who inspires you takes the final steps into the everlasting night.  Hmmm… Where are we going with this?

Right now I probably sound as though I mourn the passing of Steve Jobs.  This is not true because, unlike his family, or the family of anyone famous who has passed away, I knew not the person.  I only knew the persona.  He was the head of a company that made beautiful, functional things out of aluminium and glass that made my life more efficient, more fun and more exciting.

What Steve did was make me realise what was lacking in myself.  I am not as talented, not as driven, and not as precocious as the man who was first knocked down before daring to get up again only to reinvent what is now the world’s biggest company.  If you miss the dead catwalk model, its probably is because you were never that beautiful.  If you miss the dead singer, it’s because you could never hold that note.  Celebrities expose out inadequacies and our desires. When they leave us, they remove our ability to associate with whoever we aspire to be.  We would do well to remember that when others mourn those we don’t really understand.

So Steve, thank you.  Thank you for making me want to be you.  Thank you for insisting I be creative, risk-taking and true to myself.  Most of all, thank you for making believe no matter how hard you fall, that getting back up is so much better.

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