Rant: ‘My Family’ Stickers

by The Editor

Dear Good Folk of this Fine City,

Nothing, I mean NOTHING screams “my life is now completely devoid of external interests” like a rear windscreen covered is ‘My Family’ stickers.  We can only suggest these are the same people who, ten years ago, were decorating their pink Pulsars and black utes with hibiscus flowers or a Southern Cross.

Keen-eyed correspondent @braedenhogan sent the following to The Canberran expressing understandable anger and frustration.  Clearly this lady would only waste money by investing in the peronalised numberplate ‘SPNSTR’.  The evidence is overwhelming.

Just be grateful she’s a Queenslander.

So, the message is simple.  Stop it. Stop it now.  If for some reason you can’t help yourself then please, please, please stay your side of Hindmarsh/Gunghalin Drive.

Yours gratefully,

The Canberran.

Which inspires your road rage?