My Kingdom for a Toastie

by The Editor

As you may have noted through a half plea issued via Twitter this afternoon, The Canberran was in deep need of a toasted sandwich.  Continuous discussion over the deliciousness of melted cheese had me at the point where urgent action needed to be taken.

I headed past numerous cafes in search of the bounty, however the hour (3.00pm) meant invariably kitchens were closed or sandwiches had been switched off.  At the last stop, Dobinsons, at recommendation of a previous shop, I asked the girl behind the counter if a toasted sandwich was out of the question.  “No problem” replied the rather chipper attendant.

“Great.  Ham, cheese and, um…. What sort of cheese do you have?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”  Her tone has become somewhat negative. “I’m afraid the kitchen is shut.  We have these though…”  She sweeps an arm towards the display cabinet containing a number of plastic covered chicken focaccias.

I stared at them, weighing up my craving for melted cheese with the clear lack of alternatives.  Only seconds from placing an order, a man in construction wear easily catches her attention as he places two plates complete with similar focaccias on top of the counter.  He distracts the attendant, “Is everything okay?”

“Not really.  These aren’t really warm enough.”
“Oh!” And with that she places her open, unprotected hands flat on the top slices of bread, nods her head and to the continuing surprise of the customer, steals them away chirping “We’ll just fix those for you.”

Screw it. Before she had a chance to turn back I made for Superbarn.