Arts Circle: Monstrosity at CCAS Manuka

by The Editor

Why not get out and support some local visual artists?

Monstrousity is disgusting, fascinating, terrifying, and yet somehow comforting. An exhibition which brings together three Canberra artists, Michelle Day, Julie Monro-Alison and Bev Bruen, to explore themes of the monstrosity of the natural and unnatural world. In their work they highlight the fleshy, inconsistent, and sometimes conflicting ideas of fetishisation, organic growth, and their connection with disgust and desire, fear and comfort. The works will include objects, installation and painting, all combining to show the many aspects of these themes, and to create an overall view from the three artists, who through their contradictions and agreements, bring us face to face with our relationship to our organic and non-organic world.
artists’ statement.

Check it out from Thursday night at CCAS Manuka (19 Furneaux St Forrest)


(via Canberra Contemporary Art Space)