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In a Word: Dawn

by obalint


Sparrow-fart. That’s a Bob’s-your-uncle term for the earliest time of the morning. It’s about the time when all the sparrows get up and let out a little fart signifying their awakening at the crack of dawn. How cute.

Like a murmuration of starlings signifying dawn’s exact and equal opposite: dusk. The murmur is a welcoming, reassuring finish to the day. They’re such stars. Are they also lings then too? An underling star. Just little stars with so much stellar capacity. A star in training. A starling.

What else?

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In a Word – Service

by The Editor


Canberra invokes a few things about the notion of service. Captain Obvious will remind you that the bushy-eyed bush capital is known for its public service, lip service and self-service.

Depending on how well you navigate through the tricky terrain of Personality ‘A’ types, or if you are such a type, this trinity tryst of services can be good, bad, ugly or just downright kooky. No more budgie smugglers! For the love of budgies please!

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Has the Time Come for Double Denim?

by The Editor

Braddon-Tailors-0Shock. Horror.

Even the most devoted denim fans gasped when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears appeared before the paparazzi in double, trouble, stone-washed outfits. Whatever were they thinking? Ok, ok, perhaps a few fans thought ‘wow factor’ but our bet is most wanted to fade away.

So what’s the real scoop on matching denim outfits? Do you dare wear?

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In a Word: Diversity

by The Editor


This time of year is fantastic! So much promise, like in the springtime of my youth. Golden wattle everywhere. Fuchsia and ivory pashmak blooms on cheery cherry trees. Lengthening days. Thawing…but it’s not always this cheery. Read the rest of this entry »

Local Success at 2014 Good Food Awards

by The Editor

Well, the results are in, and once again Canberra restaurants have featured quite well in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Awards.

The big question is: Who will take this year’s hats? The old-skool crew, or Canberra’s latest slew of fresh faced outlets?

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Big Moves from Canberra’s French Master.

by The Editor



Talented chefs. Are they all a bit crazy?

Ed: Hot on the heels of announcing his latest venture, Les Bistronomes, at the old Delissio site in Braddon, chef Clement Chauvin is still looking to cook up a storm during his temporary stint at Kennedy Room in Kingston.

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Highlights for the 2014 Australian Hotels Association Awards

by The Editor

It’s that time of year again, – when Canberra’s best and brightest (and, occasionally, drunkest) gather together for the annual Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Awards for Excellence.

So, with the dark clouds of Public Service reform looming over the fresh fields of Canberra’s hospitality industry, who will spring up and bask in the glorious light of victory?

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Friday Happy-Hour. How Much for a Tram?

by The Editor


Trams. They sounded like a good idea, didn’t they? Melbourne has trams, and Melbourne is cool; ergo, get trams in Canberra and watch the pop-up bars and an alleyway culture materialise before your very eyes.


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Walt & Burley Arrives at Kingston Foreshore

by The Editor


Well, it’s finally here. After 15 long years of Kingston Foreshore’s vision, we finally have the opening of Walt & Burley – a bar in such prime position down by the lake that you’ll wonder why it’s taken half a century to decide this is probably a good use of waterfront land.

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“Heard it on the Grapevine” – Vitis Braddon Opens its Doors

by The Editor


Last night, the evolution of Braddon kicked up another gear this Thursday with a preview of Vitis Eatery in the old Ostratos site. As construction continues unabated along the strip, it was fantastic to see another venue prepare to throw open its doors.

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